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coclemmings asked:

top 5 favorite memories

Not in any order

1. Seeing ATL live at Warped in 2012 and realizing after their set that for the first time in ages I hadn’t thought about my body and/or food for like an hour

2. Bouncy castles as a child that shit is magic

3. Any time anyone has told me I’m cute like I’m sorry that’s not specific but omfg favorite thing bc I feel so not cute and I appreciate it so much??

4. Recently, frolicking in the Santa Monica beach waves

5. Seeing snow for the first time at like age six

Thank you for asking, you are lovely. 💕


  • you guys are allowed to send me messages
  • you’re allowed to just say hi
  • you can ask me for my skype or whatever
  • feel free to just tell me about your day as if we’ve been best friends since forever
  • you’re all good to ask anything you want to know
  • don’t be afraid to be off anon
  • you can talk to me
  • i like talking to you guys 
  • please
  • i dont bite normally

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I know everyone says you should find happiness in yourself and not in other people/relationships.

But I’m telling you right now, loving someone and having someone who loved me would make a world of difference in my levels of happiness.

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