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why does anyone even care about other people doing things that have no negative outcome? like let girls take selfies with starbucks!! let straight dudes wear weird clothes!! let gay people be as feminine or as masculine as they want!! the next time you find yourself getting annoyed at someone, ask yourself “is this disrespectful? is this harmful to me or anyone else?” if the answer is no, then let it go - you probably have bigger things to worry about anyways

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Anonymous asked:

It's funny how different disorders correlate with feelings, I have borderline personality disorder and I have no self worth and judging by your posts it seems you will never fully appreciate yourself which sucks, I feel although few people could understand how we feel. And I find it sad as though people have to hate on blogs because people try to express themselves online. Do you understand what I mean?

Absolutely. When I first made my account an ED account I had this woman accuse me of faking my eating disorder and just looking for attention and it pissed me off to no end (it was really triggering, too). And in treatment, the bitch ass staff there convinced my parents that accounts like mine are all pro ana. It’s just like.. No! People are looking for people to relate to, a place where they won’t be judged for struggling, a place where they can spill their secrets and feel safe. A lot of people don’t have that at home or with friends. And hating on people who are hurting, calling us attention seekers… It makes people feel like they have absolutely no one and nothing to turn to. It can drive people to suicide. It is horrible. It makes me so mad.


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  • Luke:

    The rest of the drive to Luke’s house was quite silent and filled with sexual tension. Suddenly, Luke pulled up to a driveway and stopped the car. “We’re here”, he said getting out of the car. “Wow”, you muttered to yourself when you entered the place. It was a very nice house, a comfortable one. You definitely did not imagine Luke living in a house like that. That house looked like the house of parents that cared and were present, which was not the image Luke gave you. In your mind, Luke’s parents were jackass. His dad was probably alcoholic and used to hit his mom when he was little, and his mom was a drugged attic. You imagined he lived in an apartment the size of a shoe, not on a mansion. “(Y/N)”, Luke’s voice shook you out of your thoughts. While you stood at the living room, he was on top of some staircase. “My bedroom?”, he said sarcastically, as if checking if you had heard anything he had said. “Oh, sure”, you blushed, looking at the steps while you followed him up. His bedroom. That was the only thing in the house that reminded you of the boy you saw every day at school. Dark walls with rock bands posters; clothes thrown all over the place. A mess. You stood there in awkward silence, ‘till Luke decided to break it. He walked over to where you were and glued his lips to yours, biting on your bottom lip hard. Your hands went to his hair; his cupped your bum, an order for you to lift your legs and wrap them around his waist. Suddenly, you were both on his bed. “This needs to come off”, he mumbled in between kisses, tearing your blouse apart and playing with your boobs through your bra. “Luke”, you moaned, leaning into his touch. He stopped kissing you to take his shirt off, and enjoyed the lack of touch to take your bra off too. That’s when you started to feel self conscious – you had never exposed yourself like that to a boy. Unconsciously, you crossed your arms in front of your boobs. “Oh, c’mon, (Y/N). Don’t be shy now.”, he snorted, taking your hands away and pinning them above your head. He started to kiss you down your neck, making sure to leave a mark here and there before reached the place both of you wanted him the most: your breasts. With his tongue, he played with one nipple while his hand took care of the other, making sure both of them were receiving enough attention. You moaned, arching your back. “Fuck, you sound so hot when you moan”, he mumbled. His lips went lower and lower ‘till it reached your pants. With fast and experienced fingers, he pulled your pants and panties down. And there was your shyness again! You slowly crossed your legs, blushing. “(Y/N)”, he said, putting one hand on each knee, “Open your legs for me”, you slowly opened them, with a help from his hands. “Good”, he mumbled. The first thing you felt was his tongue on your clit, licking it, sucking on it. And hell, that was the best feeling you’d ever felt. “Luke, fuck”, you moaned, arching your back. Slowly, he entered one finger inside of you and you tensed up – that hurt. “Don’t be tense”, he mumbled against your clit, sending vibrations through your whole body. Slowly, he began to pump his finger in and out while furiously licking your clit. Those actions combined had you coming within a few minutes. “I love virgins”, he smirked, looking up at you, “You’re just so easy to make come”. He kissed you, making you taste yourself in his tongue. “Wow”, you mumbled.

  • Ashton:

    If you thought you felt out of space every day at school, then this was like there was no space at all. After Ashton left you standing there, you walked around for a bit, looked at the people talking and that was pretty much it. You had been trying to find him for about ten minutes now, but everyone was too crazy to even remember who Ashton was. You walked outside slowly, embracing yourself when a cold breeze got to you. Suddenly, something caught your eye. Calum Hood. He would’ve never gotten your attention if it wasn’t for one small fact: he was Ashton’s best friend. You walked up to where he was slowly; hoping Ashton would be there with him. And he was. “Oh if it isn’t (Y/N)”, Ashton smirked. You didn’t know what he had taken, if it was drugs or drinks, but he for sure wasn’t himself. “Ashton, can I talk to you?”, you mumbled. “Now, where are your manners, (Y/N)?”, he asked. You know he was trying to make you beg. And you knew he knew you were going to do it. “Please Ashton, I need to talk to you”, you mumbled, looking down and blushing. “Well, you only needed to ask”, he said, leaving Calum and walking with you. “Look”, you started but he interrupted you. “Shut up and help me find a room”. You made your way back inside and once there, upstairs. He checked on every bedroom until he found one that was empty. Well, was. “So you thought you could just come up here, snob me like that and just come around asking to talk to me that it’ll be okay?”, he asked roughly, “No, that’s not how things work with me”. He walked up to you ‘till he was only once inch away. “I told you I was going to make you beg, but I might have to teach you a lesson first”, he kissed you harshly and pulled at your hair. You had no reaction, no idea what to do thanks to your lack of experience. He pushed you over ‘till you hit a bed where he sat down at the edge. “Now come here,” he patted his lap “butt up”. You did as he told you, sitting so your face was buried in the bed and your bum was on Ashton’s lap. He lifted your dress up so your panties were exposed and pushed those down. “Such a pretty ass”, he mumbled, caressing your cheeks, “But such a naughty girl”. SMACK, his hand went down on your left cheek. “I must teach you that no one treats Ashton Irwin like that”, another smack on your right cheek. “So you think you’re so special, huh?”, SMACK again, “You think I want you so badly I’d trade any girl for you”, one more. “That’s pathetic, (Y/N)”, SMACK, “You know why?”, SMACK. “Because every girl in this house wants to fuck me,” he moved closer so he was whispering in your ear, “Including you”. From then on, it was a succession of slaps on your butt cheeks. “Ashton”, you begged, then pain unbearable and your need for him too big. “What do you want, (Y/N)”, he kept going. “Fuck me”, you said. “Oh so you still haven’t learned?”, he raised his hand to smack your ass once again before you screamed. “Ashton, please, please, please fuck me. I’m begging you.”. “Now that’s a lot better”, he said, turning you over ‘till a knock on the door interrupted both of you. “Not available”, Ashton yelled. “No, dude, the police’s here”, the person yelled from outside the door. You and Ashton quickly got up, running through the door. In the middle of the running, you lost sight of Ashton. You just hoped he had gotten out as safe as you did.

  • Michael:

    The rest of detention went by even slower than before, if that’s possible. Michael had left you even more hot and bothered than before and the glances he was throwing at you weren’t helping at all. The moment the teacher said you could leave, Michael went running to the door. Which you thought was odd, you figured he would: A) wait for the teacher leave and stay in the room to fuck you; B) grab your hand and take you to the nearest private place to fuck you; C) Just fuck you. You picked your things up and walked to the door, not sure where to go. Since Michael was unpredictable, you followed your usual path to the parking lot. What was not so usual about that was the hand that pulled you into the janitor’s closet. “What the –“, you yelled before a hand covered your mouth. “Shh, it’s me, princess”, Michael whispered in your ear. “Oh”, you mumbled. “So, ready to admit you want me?”, he smirked. “Shut up”, you mumbled. “Come make me”, he whispered. You stared at him before doing what neither of you expected you to do: kiss him. You grabbed at his hair and jumped, wrapping your legs around your waist, his hands went to your bum to help you up. He pressed you against a wall while his hands started to roam around your body. His fingers made their ways back to your panties, only this time he went past them. He pressed his thumb on your clit: “Michael”, you moaned against his lip. “Yeah, that was just what I wanted to hear”, he smirked, moving his thumb in circles. He inserted one finger and quickened his pace on your clit so that the pain would be more bearable. “Fuck!”, you yelled once he started pumping his finger in and out. Slowly, he added another one. You bit on your bottom lip. “Relax”, he mumbled, going down to kiss your neck. Once you had gotten used to it, you started to felt pleasure. By the time your orgasm was approaching, you were a moaning mess. “Michael, oh fuck”, you yelled before letting it go. He put you down and pecked you on the lips. “That was fun, princess”, he smirked against them and left.

  • Calum:

    You hadn’t stopped thinking about that kiss. And that night. Not even for a second – and Calum knew it. Yeah, you saw the way he looked at you; the way he bit his lip. He knew it. He was just messing with you, as usual. You had already given up on ever getting his lips again when a note fell down from your locker. ‘Chemistry room. Next period’. You’d never seen Calum’s handwriting, but you figured it was just as messy as the one in the note. “So, do you have something to say to me?”, he asked once you walked into the room. “Sorry?”, you asked, closing the door. “You know, about a certain kiss”, he sat on the teachers table, eyes not leaving yours. “Oh, that”, you mumbled, looking down and blushing. “Yeah, that thing you can’t stop thinking of”, he said, you felt his voice coming nearer, “Do you want it again?”, he was now in front of you. “I’d like that”, you mumbled. “Really? You’d like that?”, he said sarcastically, moving closer and closer to you ‘till your lips were almost touching, “Then beg”, he whispered. He moved away from you and went back to his spot at the teacher’s desk. “Please, Calum”, you mumbled. “What? I can’t hear you”, he said. “Please, Calum”, you said a little louder. “Please what?”, he asked. “Please kiss me, Calum”. “Ah, so you want me to kiss you”, you started to walk towards each other. “Yeah, Calum. I want you to kiss me”, you told him once you were face to face. “Okay”, he said, bringing your face towards his and kissing you. He quickly pushed you against the teacher’s desk and laid you there, him being over you. “Who would’ve said that the school good girl”, he said against your lips in between kisses, while his hands roamed literally everywhere in your body, “Would be laying here”, he mumbled, ripping your shirt off, “In the teacher’s desk making out with the punk, Calum Hood”, his hands made their ways to your breast and you moaned. Loudly. “Oh, and who would’ve said she’s such a moaner”, he chuckled, massaging your boobs and you moaned again. You pulled him closer to you by his shirt and bit his bottom lip, staring in his eyes while you pulled it a bit, before returning to kiss him. You only broke the kiss again to take his shirt off. “Still too many clothes”, he said breathlessly. Just as he was about to take your bra off, you heard someone at the door. “Calum”, you whispered, putting a hand on his bare chest, “I think I heard something”. “It was probably just some students passing by”, he mumbled, leaning in for a kiss. But since your lips avoided his, he started to lay kisses down your neck. You were staring at the door when it opened. Therefore, you were staring in the eyes of the students that caught you and Calum making out on top of the teacher’s desk. “Calum”, you squeaked, pushing him off you. “What?! Don’t play hard to get now!”, he angrily said. “No. Turn”, you told him and he obeyed, seeing the three students standing there wide eyed. “Oh fuck”, he muttered putting his shirt back on, something you had already done. If it was any other couple, they wouldn’t have been this shocked. But the thing was: this was Calum Hood, the punk that picked on the nerd every day, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the nerd that got picked on by the punk every day. “You saw nothing”, Calum snorted at the kids as you left, each one following their way.

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